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Release: 5th February 2021
(Hey!blau Records)

The European Choir Cappella Amsterdam, conducted by Daniel Reuss. Instrumentalists of world renown, including Norwegian saxophonist Bendik Hofseth and percussionist Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen. And Michael Villmow, a German composer with Norwegian roots. They all come together to create a unique and boundless music - colorful, contemplative and expressive. The result is a recording of contemporary music of the highest quality that will delight lovers of a wide variety of genres. New music? Jazz? Scandinavian music? European music? Improvisation/ Composition? Sacred music? All this and more can be found on DA PACEM.

Tranquility and depth characterize the works on this CD; they create a timeless space.



Release: 5th March 2021
(Les couleurs du son/Broken Silence)

A vertiginous flutist and prolific composer, Naïssam Jalal comes from a fertile background in music fuelled by passion and curiosity. Born in a Parisian suburb of Syrian parents, she assimilated and transcended the essence of European and Arab classical music, the art of jazz improvisation, the urgency of hip-hop, the euphoria of funk and the vitality of traditions from Africa, with a keen sense of synthesis and a hyper-sensitive touch. This fine trajectory has been marked by a number of excellent CD releases and prestigious awards such as the Coup de coeur from the Académie Charles Cros (2017) and the Victoires du Jazz (2019).



Release: 26th March 2021
(Hey!blau Records)

For the HKQ project experienced full-blooded musicians around the pianist Harald Köster have come together in order to refine hiscompositions - some of which have a history of forty years - through their individual strengths in various musical styles.

The HKQ celebrated a sensual rhythmic sound experience, carried by partly lyrical, but also expressive titles with stylistic borrowingsfrom jazz, pop and world music; a musical journey through time.

Pianist, composer and ensemble member Harald Köster enjoys theconstructive, respectful support of his colleagues Achim Hartmann(trombone), Miroslaw Tybora (accordion) and Jörn Brackelsberg (bass) to perform his compositions, which he has mostly performed or recorded solo over many years



Release: 2nd April 2021
(ajabu!records/Broken Silence)

Kkisméttin is the first solo album of Antonis Antoniou, founder anddriving force behind the award-winning bands Monsieur Doumani and Trio Tekke.

In his native Greek-Cypriot tongue, Antoniou blends together soundscapes and textures he has accumulated during the course of his adventurous musical journey: from classical music to jazz, rock, traditional, experimental and sound art. The Middle Eastern melodies of the lute (one of Cyprus’s main traditional instruments) resonate with analogue synthesizer glides and edgy guitar riffs, pushing the boundaries and forming a distinct contemporary musical mosaic. The barrels lining the divided city of Nicosia across its buffer zone literally become musical instruments, providing the album’s rhythmic bedrock and creating a rusty/grimy quality.

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